Our mission is to become our distinguished health care provider

Health insurance

Al-Khalil Hospital works with various local health insurance companies, as well as international agreements in accordance with established procedures. And allows its members to be able to use hospital services after submitting their cards to verify that the required medical services are covered by the insurance company concerned.

This is a list of your business partners:


  • Ministry of Health
Trust Insurance Company
  • Social Security Fund
 Alawael Insurance Company
  • Zakat Fund
Libya Insurance Company
  • Central Bank of Libya
 Takaful Insurance Company
  • sahara bank
 Tibesty Insurance Libya
  • Edeekhar bank
Al Wakda Health Insurance Company
  • alwaha bank
waha oil
  • jumhouria Bank
 Zueitina Oil Company
  • bank of commerce & development
Harouge Oil Operations
  • Libyan Foreign Bank
 Akakus Oil Operations
  • libyan steel
Imamos Oil Operations Company
  • Al Madar New Company
Deutsman Libya Oil & Energy Services
  • Libyana Company
Brega Oil Services
  • Allianz Partnerts
Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V