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Department of Physical Therapy

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department offers the best diagnoses and treatments through a team of experienced physicians and consultants who work relentlessly to provide the best treatments and health services to patients.

Conditions treated by physiotherapists:

Conditions of musculoskeletal system / bone conditions such as:

- Lower back pain / cervical problems (cervical spondylosis, etc.)

- Fibro-muscular pain syndrome / meiosis.

- Arthritis cases (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis)

- Fractures, knee surgery (anterior cruciate ligament, restoration, endoscopy, joint cartilage injuries)

- Tendonitis, muscle spasm, and adult injuries.

Neurological cases, such as:

   Facial paralysis.

   Neuropathy / Syndrome of shoulder bronchitis.

    Stroke patients (cerebral accidents)

   Lymphatic disorders.

Cases of the elderly and children:

Rehabilitation programs

-      Electrotherapy. Ultrasound. Electrical stimulation of the nerve across the skin. Electrical stimulation of muscles. Muscle strengthening. Synthetic / compound therapy. Short-wave thermal enforcing. Treatment of laser lymph nodes.

  Apply hot moist compresses, cold compresses.

   Therapeutic exercise programs, strengthening activities, and proper extension.

  Massage for special situations / manual or electrotherapy massage.

    Traction machines / lower back and cervix / device of continuous negative movements.