Our mission is to become our distinguished health care provider

Alkhalil Medical Labs

The laboratory is equipped by Roche

Al-Khalil Laboratories for medical analysis. A wide range of high quality laboratory services, to meet the growing needs of our customers

We derive our strength from God first, then from the medical staff and our developed divisions. Equipped with the most advanced diagnostic equipment.

We at Al-Khalil Labs for Medical Analysis consider our patients' health as our highest goal. We focus on the importance of personal care to ensure the fastest and best path for laboratory diagnosis as much as possible. We also value the awareness and education of the patient, in maintaining a healthy and better life.

Our laboratory performs most medical tests as soon as possible, using the barcode system to avoid human errors. We also send the results through a medical system to the hospital departments to shorten the time. The laboratory oversees the transfer of some rare tests abroad, and receiving the results as soon as possible.