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Alkhalil Diagnostic Center

Al-Khalil Radiology Center is comprised of specialists in the field of diagnostic radiology, which is used to ensure the patient's intensive care. The center offers a full range of X-ray scanning services, from simple digital X-rays, up to 64 CT scans, and magnetic resonance imaging to the top of specialty and precision in radiology. All these tests are conducted by a trained group of professors, doctors, skilled technicians, and a highly qualified nursing staff.

Our philosophy is to provide the best quality and care needed for patients. And our mission to provide the highest standards of diagnostic health services in the field of radiation. Our vision is to lead in the field of diagnostic services in the field of radiation. We strive to continue to perfect our work. Our goal is to continue delivering accurate results with outstanding service.

It is no longer necessary to pass through the suffering of obtaining a diagnosis service from crowded places, which suffer from good treatment for patients and reviewers. All the staff of the center are qualified, able to carry out their tasks and provide a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for patients and reviewers.

Services of the Center:

This device is the latest in CT technology. Al-khalil Diagnostic Center is unique in diagnosing coronary heart disease without any risk. It can be followed by post-enlargement of the coronary arteries, and after the installation of the stents To identify any new narrow arteries, as well as follow the operations of coronary artery surgery and reassurance of the various arterial connections, and the efficiency of his work.
This device has unlimited capabilities in the speed of tests in a few seconds, which does not constitute any burden or exhaustion of the patient. It helps in reaching the ultimate diagnosis, which can build the best treatment on it. It also allows for the visualization of various arteries and veins throughout the body for the early diagnosis of various diseases including, but not limited to, carotid and cerebral arteries to diagnose narrowness and obstruction, as well as arterial expansion, venous anomalies and congenital arteries, as well as peripheral arteries, Kidney, to diagnose narrow arteries, which may lead to a malignant rise in blood pressure. In cases of patient preparation for kidney transplantation, and post-cultivation follow-up. In addition to a three-dimensional stereoscopic examination of all parts of the body, such as the brain, neck, chest, lungs, abdomen, pelvis, and musculoskeletal system.

Tesla 1.5 Magnetic Resonance System This advanced device, with magnetic strength up to 1.5Tesla, helps the radiologist to take pictures with finer details, showing all the details of the body, and diseases if any, and thus helps to evaluate a large number of patients, Such as stroke, muscle, bone, and heart disease. This device provides high-resolution, high-quality images at the same price as any of the currently available and least-developed MRI devices.

Al-Khalil Diagnostic Center is unique in providing the following services:

• The possibility of diagnosing coronary heart disease without any catheters by means of a multi-slide section (CT)

Magnetic resonance imaging on the heart, which helps diagnose many diseases, tumors, and strokes that affect the heart muscle.

(MRI Spectroscopy)

• Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain (MRI Spectroscopy)

(MRI perfusion)

Imaging the pattern of change in blood flow associated with brain tumors, with the possibility of following up the response of these tumors to treatment  (MRI perfusion)

CT scan and MRI-Arthrogram 

·       The tissue sample (or biopsy) can be obtained by ultrasound, x-ray, or CT scan. These techniques are used to locate the sample pull.

Audio waves and Doppler

The center offers all sound waves, Doppler tests, quad-dimensional waves of the body, and heart. This type of imaging helps doctors to study blood flow and function of the heart valve. Doppler ultrasound imaging is used to look for any obstruction of blood flow and narrowing of the blood vessels. Birth ultrasound is used to study the condition of a pregnant woman and her fetus. The center's device shows four-dimensional images that allow the doctor to observe all fetal movements, including vision of the face and limbs

Regular x-ray and digital computer:

The center uses state-of-the-art technology, called digital rays, where images are converted and diagnosed on special computers, and the doctor can see X-rays directly on a screen through fluoroscopic detection. In most cases, this procedure involves material that helps to show the area

Measurement of osteoporosis


This device detects a decrease in bone density, which causes osteoporosis, and has a focus on the area's most vulnerable to fragility, which is the spine. This technology helps detect early-stage risks, which help greatly in treating osteoporosis