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Welcome to alkhalil Hospital

We are an independent sector in the region to provide healthcare, and we offer our services to citizens and residents from different communities in the Libyan state frompersonal care at a high level of professionalism, through global medical technologies that enable us to provide the best care for our patients. Our strategy includes ensuring that all health care services for our patients and the community continue to excel, working together with private and public hospitals to promote the state and the capital Tripoli as a world-class healthcare destination. With our facility, our mission is to provide the best health care for all members of the community. This means serving our patients and their families with complete safety and responsibility and creating the best possible environment for our hospital visitors. We have experience in healthcare, and we are proud of the high quality and excellent level of our healthcare services, which focus on patient care and careful clinical results. We are excited to continue our growth and progress, and look forward to further development and commitment to delivering the best healthcare to our community.



Dr. Ali Khalil