Our mission is to become our distinguished health care provider

About a Hospital

Al-Khalil is an ancient medical edifice.


The idea was how to provide outstanding medical services for orthopedic surgery in Libya. Thus, a specialized hospital was opened under the name of "Al-KHALIL" on 20/4/2016, to become a pioneer in this field, and seeks to urge bone patients to enjoy treatment in Libya. The target destination for the patients is not only from the inside, but also from the outside of Libya. This comes at the advanced level of the treatment services provided by the hospital and its specialists, who have the experience, ability and capabilities. We are confident, God Willing, to provide full care as is available in developed countries.

We seek to change medical services in Libya in a way that positively affects the lives of people, and we work together. Putting the patient at the top of our table. Where attention to the individual and adherence to values, ethics. Embodied in honesty, sincerity in action, continuing learning, and continuing to work hard. To improve our skills, programs and services. This is what distinguishes Al-Khalil Hospital, and determines the prestige it enjoys today. The spirit of work at the Al-Khalil Hospital starts.

From the Koranic verse


{ and that whoever saved it should be regarded as though he had saved all mankind}


Al-Khalil hospital offers a wide range of medical services. Our continuous development and investment have contributed to modern technologies. Our medical expertise and facility support consolidate the current status of the hospital as one of the most distinguished hospitals in Libya.


Our health care services have been designed to meet the needs of patients while at the same time exceeding their expectations. We have achieved this by blending medical ethics with the latest available medical technology. All of this is managed by specialized doctors at the highest levels of qualification and experience