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In the last few days, the Al-Khalil Hospital has performed three major operations: the implantation of an orthotic valve through a partial incision of the chest bone with a wound of about 8 to 10 centimeters, which differs from the traditional way in which the bone is cut. All the patients, thank God they recovered. Pictures show some patients after one day of surgery with surgeons


It is noteworthy that these operations are conducted for the first time in Libya's private medical sector. Al-Khalil Hospital had the lead.


The operations were carried out by surgeon Dr. Omar Al-Muknoush and surgeon Dr. Khalid Ahmed Al-Swainia.

Provide assistance :

Dr.. Fatima Al-Houni

Dr.. Amal Al Shibani

Dr.. Khawla al-Milyan

Anesthesia Dr. Hussein Keriba

Anesthesiologist Professor Fouad


Surgical Technician Mr. Milad El Helog


The Industrial Heart Technician Mr. Lotfi Abdel Mawla and Mr. Ali Mansour Abdel Samie.